APRIL 1st-

Transportation Preference Form (included in March Mailing)

Campwear Order Form (included in March Mailing)

Parental Waiver (included in March Mailing)

Second Tuition Installment

JUNE 1st-

Health History/Medical Information Form (included in March Mailing)

Camper Behavior Contract (included in May Mailing)

Alert System/Authorized Drivers form (included in May Mailing)

Field Trip Permission Slip (included in May Mailing)

Rockin’ Jump Waiver (only for Girls 3 and Boys 3 groups in May Mailing)

Morgan’s Rafting Waiver (only for Girls 5 and Boys 5 groups in May Mailing)

Final Tuition Installment (including transportation fee and optional campwear purchases)